About me

I'm a Web Developer with a Marketing and Political Science background, always eager for exciting challenges 🧐

While leading marketing strategies, I got curious about tech. I enrolled in Le Wagon Web Development Bootcamp and found out I enjoy coding a lot! Now, I run my micro-company, freelancing on web projects for clients across Canada and Europe 🌎 I also teach Web Development at Le Wagon 👩‍🏫

In my marketing days, I handled everything from product launches to content creation, landing page design, event planning, and data analysis. I'm adaptable, a quick learner, and very curious. With my diverse background, I offer a unique viewpoint on achieving business targets.

💼 Work Experience

Freelance Web Developper


Self-Employed | France & Spain

Freelance Teacher


Le Wagon | Montreal, Canada

Marketing Lead


Le Wagon | Montreal, Canada

Content Marketing Manager


Keela | Vancouver, Canada

Communications Coordinator


La Pieza | Mexico

🎓 Education

Full-Stack Web Development


Le Wagon | Montreal, Canada

M.A. in Political Science


McGill Univeristy | Montreal, Canada

Bachelor in European Studies


ESPOL | Lille, France